10 Ways To Boost Your Home's Value On A Limited Budget

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Maintaining and increasing your home’s value can pay off in major ways. Not only does helping your home hold value help it sell for its full amount, it can also help your home sell more quickly, help maintain your neighbor’s home values, and ensure that you’re not overpaying in property taxes.



Fertilizing your lawn may not seem as though it’s doing much for your home’s value, but a well-maintained lawn plays a major role in your home’s first impression and curb appeal.




The average cost of lawn fertilizing is around $.03 a square foot assuming a 6,000 square foot lawn, for a total of $180. Total costs range from $.02 a square foot for a DIY job to $.04 a square foot during peak season.  If you are able to tackle this job yourself, you can save  money which you can then use to plant shrubs to further increase first impression.




The attic is one of the most overlooked areas of the home when it comes to the impact on the rest of the home. Improperly insulated Attics can become superheated. This leads to overheating the roof and raising energy bills. Installing an attic fan can help protect your roof, lower energy bills, and improve home value.




Total costs range from $39 for a wind-powered vent to $321 for an electric fan to cool up to 3,000 feet.




Dingy, old, or out of fashion paint can really hurt the resale of your home. By giving a home in your home a fresh coat of paint, you can help remedy this problem. Choose neutral paints in light colors to get the most universal appeal. These colors help open the house up and make it feel larger.




While a major bathroom renovation can be costly, you don’t actually have to complete one to help boost the value of your home. Just replacing old or outdated items will help freshen up the space and help it function better.




The back splash is one of the trendiest places in the kitchen because it’s easy to update. Most back-splashes are only around 30-square-feet in size, so even costly tile doesn’t add up to a lot when installed here. Use the back splash to update an older or darker kitchen by using light colors.




Old floor tile can really bring down a room, particularly if it is dingy, cracked, or out of date. Installing new tile can brighten up the room and improve its value at the same time. Most areas that use tile such as entryways, bathrooms, and kitchens tend to be small enough to keep the costs down as well.




The average costs to install ceramic tile on the flooring of a bathroom is around $700 to $900 with total costs ranging from $550 for low-grade tile to $1,000 for tile with radiant heat beneath it. • Look for odd-lot tile sales to get higher-end tiles at a lower price to keep the overall cost down.

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