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Secure your home with landscaping

Sometimes deadbolts and alarm systems just aren't enough to deter thieves. But there are outdoor security measures you can take to prevent property loss at the hands of a burglar. Here are 10 ways you can help protect your home with a well-planned landscape design. Secure Your Home With Landscaping


Maintain your home with this checklist

Here is a list to help you protect your home from the damaging effects of weather, wear and tear, and accidents. Maintain Your Home With This Checklist


The Pro and Con of Renovating Your Dream home

Delayed move-in?  The planning and work involved to fix it up can significantly delay your move-in date. The Pro And Con of Renovating Your Dream Home


For showings and home inspections you’ll want to complete the following.

Remove pets from the yard and home. For Showings And Home Inspections You'll Want To Complete The Following


How to give your home offer an edge

Looking to buy in a hot market? It's possible that you could end up in a bidding war for the property you want. In addition to offering more than the asking price, here are a few tips to give your offer a competitive edge. How To Give Your Home Offer An Edge


How to keep critters under control

The key to protecting your home is finding out what pests you need to worry about and taking proactive steps to keep them under control. How To Keep Critters Under Control


Preparing Your Home Emergency Kit

Are you ready in case of emergency? If you face a natural disaster, severe weather, an act of terrorism or you need to be prepared to survive on your own. Preparing Your Home Emergency Kit


When You Need to Improve Accessibility in Your Home

Imagine trying to do the most basic tasks in your home with impaired mobility. Would you be able to navigate the hallways in a wheelchair? Reach the bathroom counter from a sitting position? Would you be able to reach the front door? When You Need To Improve Accessibility In Your Home


Raise the value of your home

Recently, I learned that 50% of all home sellers will try to sell their homes themselves. Ten percent of those are successful. About two years ago, I became one of the ten%. My secret was that every time a Realtor showed the condo across our shared drive, I walked over to let the Realtor know that I was “Realtor friendly”. That meant she made as much on my house as any other house. Raise The Value Of Your Home


10 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Value on a Limited Budget

Maintaining and increasing your home’s value can pay off in major ways. Not only does helping your home hold value help it sell for its full amount, it can also help your home sell more quickly, help maintain your neighbor’s home values, and ensure that you’re not overpaying in property taxes. 10 Ways To Boost Your Home's Value On A Limited Budget


Movement Mortgage Renovation Loan

Our affiliate, Movement Mortgage, recently announced a new loan called the “Renovation Loan” “Flip that House” kinds of shows have made many of us long to show off our creativity.  Many folks are buying the “black Sheep” on the block and renovating it to improve the looks, livability and the value. But many simply don’t have the cash to buy the house; then afford the fix up. Can you afford as little as 3.5% down? Financing may no longer be a problem. Movement Mortgage Renovation Loan


Is it time to replace your window coverings?

If they're worn, damaged or dated, it's probably time to start "window" shopping for something new. The good news is that now more than ever there are endless styles and colors to choose from. Find the right window treatment by considering your various options. Is it time to replace your window coverings?


Replacing the Rain Gutters and Down Spouts

Replace missing gutters and downspouts to prevent serious siding and foundation damage that may cost you $10,000 or more to repair. Replacing the Rain Gutters and Down Spouts


Repair Walls to Give Rooms a Fresh Look

Sooner or later you’ll repair walls that make rooms look worn out. Erasing dings, dents, and scuffs is an easy fix. We’ll show you how. Repair walls filled with dents, dings, and scuffs, and you’ll make rooms look young and fresh and maintain the value of your home. Fortunately, repairing walls is a good weekend warrior project. Here’s how to fix your home’s face in a hurry. Patch Drywall to Smooth Walls. A putty knife, Spackle, or joint compound can repair wall damage that ages a room. Repair Walls to Give Rooms a Fresh Look


Remove Stains From Walls Before you Paint

It's the first commandment of painting. Here’s how to wash seven common stains off your walls. Remove Stains From Walls Before You Paint


Pulls and Knobs to a New Look

Repair and replace door hardware that makes rooms look dingy and outdated. We’ll show you how door and cabinet pulls, knobs, and hinges can give your home new sparkle. Pulls and Knobs Opens Doors to New Look


Gift Ideas for the New Homeowners on Your List

Looking for gifts for family and friends? Try one of these gifts for the home. Gift Ideas for the New Homeowners on Your List.


Kitchen Counter tops Triage: First Aid for Scratches

You can repair kitchen counter mishaps with only a little time and money. Big boo-boos, however, will need professional help. Kitchen Counter top Triage


Amarillo Association of Realtors

Organized in June 1920, the Amarillo Association of REALTORS® (AAOR) has over 600 REALTOR® members and over 60 Affiliate members. Working with the Texas Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®, the AAOR makes sure homeowners and other private-property holders are treated fairly by lawmakers and regulatory groups. After all, no one knows the business of real estate better than AAOR. REALTORS® can see where improvements should be made and can identify proposals that would adversely affect real estate. REALTORS® then work on these issues, and property owners reap the rewards. Amarillo Association of Realtors