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Dear Neighbor,


I Recently, I learned that 50% of all home sellers will try to sell their homes themselves. Ten percent of those are successful. About two years ago, I became one of the ten%. My secret was that every time a Realtor showed the condo across our shared drive, I walked over to let the Realtor know that I was “Realtor friendly”. That meant she made as much on my house as any other house.


Then we walked to my backyard and I showed them my 300 year old Oak Tree.

The house was sold before we entered it…just like ten years before when I bought the 290 year old tree and considered the house a throw in.


So, I thought that I would pass on to you some hints that could help you be successful. They are on the included pages.


Naturally, the name of this game is to improve the net proceeds from the sale of the house. But two things about my story: 1. I had a unique feature that helped me. 2. I saved 3%; not 6%.


Also, I sold it to the second folks that looked at it so I never tired of taking phone calls, taking a chance on the security of my family and listening to endless stories about what people were really looking for.


And the big thing: Maybe I improved the NET and maybe I didn’t. A heavy number of showings could have meant an improved price of over the 6% and surely over the 3%. The average sales price in the neighborhood has increased 20% since I sold. Did I take advantage of that? The MLS is your strongest tool in terms of finding that out. I can bring you a study on your optimum price, today. No strings attached.


If you get tired before you get a sale; I would appreciate an interview for the job of doing an educated opinion of value, improving the net by better that 6%, and taking the load off of you showing a house to unscreened lookers.



Richard James


Professional Realtor

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